Acceptable Use Policy

Unlimited access accounts:

Are sold on a "Single User / Interactive User" Basis, this means that we require a live and conscious person behind the mouse / keyboard while this account is logged in. Please do not confuse Unlimited access with dedicated access. We have dedicated accounts available. The user shall not run any automated processes; this includes but is not limited to: Web Servers, FTP Servers, telnet/rlogin servers, automated dialers (to dial the phone automatically after disconnection for the purpose of keeping the user logged in continuously). Running programmes to defeat the "inactivity timers" will not be tolerated. We have the system scan for users performing such activities.

Note: if your require one of the above services please ask us, permission to run servers may be obtained provided the user requests it in advance.

Sessions will be limited to 2 hours per call once the system phone lines reach 90% usage, if you are logged out by our system, you must wait 15 minutes before logging back in. this is for the benefits of all users.

Multiple logins (2 sessions at once) are NOT permitted, the system will automatically disconnect both sessions.

General Restrictions, Web Pages, etc:

While we do not support censorship, we do not support offensive material! Put simply, this means all graphics must be clothed, and text content must be reasonable and not put to offend. Netknow may not be used for unlawful purposes, including those, which constitute a criminal offense or give rise to civil liabilities. Copyrighted material may not be placed on Netknow's system without the author's express permission. The user is responsible for determining whether such material is copyrighted and its terms of use. Users under 18 of age shall not access material explicitly labeled as adult, mature, or unsuitable for minors. It is solely up to the account holder to ensure this does not happen. The use of IRC bots is STRICTLY forbidden and abuse on IRC will not be tolerated. Abuse will result in all Netknow clients being banned for IRC servers.

Hacking(the act of attempting to gain unauthorized access to computer systems) will not be tolerated! Any reports of users attempting to hack Netknow or other systems will be investigated, and if substantiated the user will be terminated without refund.

Email / Usenet (news) spam (unsolicited commercial email / usenet posting OR Bulk mailing through our server ) will not be tolerated, NO EXCEPTIONS! Users found to be spamming will have their account terminated without warning, and without refund. Spam causes nothing but problems for our administrative for our administrative staff; one piece of spam can take weeks to 'clean up' (answer complaints, track the user, deleting bounced mail, etc.) Email is not to be left on out server. We presently do not limit the amount of mail you may receive, however this does not mean you may store mass amounts of old mail on our server; download it, read it then delete it from the server (you still keep your local copy). Users must use their real return address when sending email.

Refund Policy:

On termination of an account, Netknow will refund the amount deemed appropriate to our records and an early cancellation fee of $10.00 plus GST. The refund will be based on the remaining balance of the existing account and the number of hours used to the nearest account or package. i.e. If the account was a single month Unlimited Access account, and that account was terminated after using in excess of 30 minutes, NO refund will be given. If the account has been used less than 30 minutes and we are unable to get your computer on our service, a full refund would be given. All refunds are dependent on the amount of service provided. Acceptable reasons for termination are 1) Moving) 2) Transferred for extended period of time - 6 months or more.

Note: If termination of the account is a result of the client violating Netknow policies, NO refund will be given. If Netknow incurs any costs with respect your actions on the net, e.g. Spamming, hate mail, mail bombs, etc. ... There will be an additional charge to correct the situation. Some computer systems may require that a technician provide support, e.g. Hardware conflicts, etc. This support may be provided at our current rates.

Liability and responsibility:

Please be advised that Netknow provides access to the Internet and does not have control over its content. You have been advised that the Internet may provide access to questionable and possibly illegal material and have accepted responsibility for any material that you may view or acquire, e.g. Adult geared material.

Account holders under the age of 18 MUST have their parent or legal guardian - acknowledge this fact - accept responsibility to monitor Internet use and access. You are advised to take all precautions necessary to prevent offensive materials from being viewed or obtained by minors. Netknow reserves the right to refuse or cancel service at any time without explanation.

Liability and responsibility:

While using the services of Netknow the following actions are prohibited and may constitute grounds for account termination.

All e-mail accounts are meant for household family or business and we reserve the right to visit.

Account sharing and giving e-mail account to outside friends or non-household members is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

Making direct threats of any nature or harassing any person or institution.

Use of vulgar or inappropriate language.

Advertising or excessive cross posting in unrelated newsgroups.

Violating international copyright laws or software licensing agreements (i.e. Piracy) Any activities that compromise Netknow service to our clients Any use of Netknow services or the Internet deemed illegal by Canadian Law. Perspectives to Consider: We apologize for the sections below - if we seem to be stating the obvious or if these policies seem to sound a bit negative. These policies are intended to define boundaries for those who wish to operate at the limit and are intended to ensure your continued quality of service. As the Internet is a shared resource - all parties involved in providing services impose certain restrictions on the way their clients may use these Internet services. Most of these restrictions are simply common sense and good manners.

Definition of Unlimited Access:

An unlimited Access Account is NOT a Dedicated Access Account

Unlimited access means that a single individual who purchases this type of account may access our system at any time , day or night, and pay no additional charge for time used. We do not make a distinction between individual personal access and individual business access. Also Unlimited Access means unlimited access by you, the person in the flesh. It does not mean access by your agents, 'bots, servers or keep alive products. Our prices and services are competitive and generous, and it should be obvious to the most casual observer that if our "unlimited access" policy is abused, we would be obligated to terminate the service of the abuser, as quality Internet access for all of our clients cannot be sustained if the policy is abused.

Limited Time Accounts:

The contracted hours must be used in the current billing period. These hours cannot be carried forward. As we prefer to bill these hourly accounts on a monthly basis - this time period corresponds to the calendar month, i.e. From the 1st day of the month to the last day of the month. If you require a time block account that offers a specified number of hours that may be used over an extended period of time - please call our office at 780-669-2000

Payment for service is required on or before the last Friday of the month precedent to the 1st of the month. If payment is not received by the 1st of the month, the account will be suspended. (Please get in touch with us at 780-669-2000 if you cannot make payment on time). There is an 18% per annum on late payments.

Netknow reserves the right "Without limitation" to refuse any person services to our network. As a practical matter, this would only happen if we feel that providing service would be in conflict with our interests or our ability to provide a quality service to other clients. Netknow always reserves, without limit, the right to revoke an account for any reason. The final and exclusive remedy of any client is to receive a refund for the unused portion of the account fee. Any account that is willfully misused, or that in any way negatively impacts the operation of Netknow, its network, or the fair and reasonable use of Netknow service by other clients will be permanently revoked without a refund.

Cancellation of account:

To terminate account with Netknow, the customer must give Netknow 30 to 60 days advanced notice, in writing or by e-mail. Failure to do so will result in payment for the billable term.


Any user found to be in violation of 1 or more of the above policies will have their account disabled or if the violation is severe enough, terminated. A refund may or may not be give (at the discretion of Netknow).

Contact us at 780-669-2000 or e-mail for more information.

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