Virtual Private Network(VPN) Plans

What You Get

Enjoy the ultimate security and privacy online with our state of the art open virtual private networks that support all operating systems and platforms! You have options of OpenVPN UDP, OpenVPN TCP, PPTP, Wireguard and working on others at the moment.

Your VPN plan will include one e-mail account, openVPN or Wireguard is used and we wil setup e-mails or ssh'ed to you, with the option of over secure socket layer(SSL) that is available for incoming and outgoing email as well. We offer phone or online activation. We support all operating systems!

Contact us at 780-669-2000 or e-mail for more information.

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Virtual Private Network Plans

Basic Plan

Virtual Private Network Basic Plan
  • 1 E-Mail Account
  • Secure Socket Layer(SSL)
  • Incoming & Outgoing E-mail
  • Phone or Online Activation
  • All Operating Systems Supported
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